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A brief history of education in Gilowice

The conciousness of educational importance first appeared towards the end of the nineteenth century.

The great influence on that fact was  the  Slemien  estate.  Its owner, Elzbieta Wielopolska, sold  her  estate  to  Aleksander  Branicki,  and  gave  the  school in Slemien a thousand zloty and the manor building.

Probably those school students became teachers in Gilowice later. They were: Michal Kantyka, Tomasz Cyrnal, Andrzej Grzegorczak, Franciszek Sroka, Jozef Kaminski and Andrzej Gieleciak.

In the opinion of Wladyslaw Latkiewicz, the first school in Gilowice was established in 1870. Probably there were two schools at the beginning. In 1897 the owners of the Slemien estate Aleksandra and Władysław Braniccy gave the inn building for the school needs.

On 20 March, 1904 the National School Council in Lwow granted the school in Gilowice status of a one-class district school. The first director, between 1904 and 1911 was Klementyna Kunzekowa.

For the next few years not many things had changed, but the building turned out to be worn and the District School Council in Zywiec ordered the district in Gilowice to think about a new school building.

In the school year 1908/1909 the schooling was on the third and fourth class level, and a new teacher Karol Ludwig started his job.

After many years of efforts, in 1910 the new school project began. In autumn 1911 the schooling was transfered to the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Public School in Gilowice, where the director was Wojciech Swigost. He stayed there until 1920.

On 27 December, 1910 the National School Council granted the school in Gilowice status of two-class, and a year later four-class school. Another teacher, Zofia Wlodarska, was employed then.

In the school year 1912/1913 there were 453 students.

Between 1920 and 1925 the director of school was Tadeusz Schwartz. He divided students into classes I, II, III, IV. Because the schooling had lasted for seven years, students repeated II, III and IV classes. In 1926 the school was transformed into seven-class school, and the new director became Wladysław Latkiewicz.

The outbreak of the second World War caused a month-delay of the school year 1939/1940. The German who seized power, forbade teaching History, Geography, and they ordered to be removed many pages from Polish books where the text with a patriotic character could be found. The teaching lasted until the April, 1940. Then the director Wladysław Latkiewicz was arrested and the school was closed.

After the war in 1951 the director of school became Julian Pilch, but after 2 months Mieczysław Wolanczyk took over this function. There were 14 teachers then. In 1958 Julian Pilch went back to Gilowice, and he became the director of school for the second time. After his retiring, the next director became Stanislawa Jezierska. There were 28 teachers then. In 1964 the second school in Gilowice, Rozcieta, was opened. In 1970 the director was Wlodzimierz Gawron, and his deputy head was Maria Gorna.

In the 70s the school reform was carried out. The district schools appeared, and the function of director was changed by the headmaster.In 1976, the first headmaster of primary district schools in the whole district Gilowice - Slemien became Zdzislaw Lejawka and his deputy head, Anna Rozumek.

During next years the headmasters were: Jozef Mirta, master Ryszard Gawron and master Mieczyslaw Pachowicz. The deputy heads: Miroslawa Wnetrzak, master Maria Pietyra and master Krystyna Brzegowy.

In 1984 the district schools were closed down and the primary schools in each district appeared again. The new headmistress became Maria Gorna and the deputy head - Elzbieta Luber. From 1991 headmaster has been appointing by open competition. The first headmistress chosen this way is master Alicja Dyduch who still performs this function. The deputy head from 1989 is master Zofia Kastelik.
In 1974 people started beeing interested in building a new school, because the old one was fallen into ruin.

In 1983 Jan Malysiak - the leader of the Building School Committee asked coal miners for the financial help, and they started looking for any sponsors. The four coal mines gave some money for that project. There were: "Brzeszcze", "Silesia", "1 Maja" and "Wieczorek". The school building was started in 1985 and it's finished in 1989.

In February, 1994 during the winter break, the schooling was transfered to the new building. The completion work was still going.

In 1999 the National Education Ministry introduced the new school reform, the 3 - years gymnasium was formed. Its headmaster became master Wojciech Bak (he still performs this function).

Today, after 10 years the school is complited. The students and the teachers have good learning and teaching conditions. The classrooms are spacious, there are well-equipped labs, such as: computer room, science laboratory. The students can use modern gym and comfortable sportsfield.

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