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Comenius Program

Official international page    http://www.in-motion-with-emotion.eu

        Our school has been carrying on a Comenius multilateral partnership project since Septembe, 2009, entitled “In Motion With Emotion”. It is strongly connected with games and sport, the area which is a part of a child’s world. It will enable us to promote socialization and respect for rules (proper behaviour of citizens in society). The project will be shared among European schools from Italy, Germany (two schools), Poland, Austria and Wales, with the intention of creating a wider understanding of the theme, and at the same time giving pupils the opportunity to have contact with other European pupils. For the school community, it provides the opportunity for personal and professional growth stemming from observing and comparing with partner schools. Information Communication Technology (ICT) and European community languages will underlie the exchanges among the partner schools, permitting the pupils to acquire and reinforce their skills in these areas. Each school shall keep its own curriculum and planning programme, but always keeping in mind and practicing the various phases of learning and key concepts identified in the project. The project will last for two years.

The main actions so far:

  1. We prepared 5 posters (one for each partner school) about our school, its neighbourhood and the whole country. The posters were presented during our Comenius meeting in Wales in November.

  2. The Final of Surprise Boxes action, September 2009. We sent the surprise boxes to each of our partner schools from Italy, Austria, Germany and Wales and we received the parcels from them. This activity allowed pupils to know some features of their own country as well as of the partnership countries.

  3. Comenius meeting in Wales – presentation of the posters, getting to know Welsh educa-tional system, working debates, sightseeing (November, 2009).

    >>> Move 1 download ...
    >>> Move 2 download ...
  4. School IMWE Logo Contest – the best logo, prepared by Aleksandra Wiewióra from class Vc, was sent to all partner schools for the international voting. The final results – December, 15.

    The best Polish Logo:

  5. PPT about the international finalists of IMWE Logo Contest:

    >>> Download PPT ...
  6. 27 January, 2010 Releasing of about 250 balloons filled with helium to the air. There was a short note about our IMWE Comenius project stuck to each of the balloons. Children received skipping ropes that day. At 10 o’clock the whole school gathered in front of the building. Pupils were divided into three sections, each of which was responsible for something else. At the beginning the first group sang the European Union Anthem, then the second group started skipping and the third one released the balloons. The day was very beautiful and amazing for the whole school community. Thank you Comenius!

  7. February – April, 2010 Gathering and sending Polish Easy-to-Play Courtyard Games. Each school was to present their traditional ETPCGames and get familiarized with the games sent by all partner schools. Due to this activity we could get to know something more about each other.

  8. 5-9 May, 2010 Comenius meeting in Austria: getting to know Austrian educational system, working debates, sightseeing (November, 2009).

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